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How To Become A Gardener

Becoming a gardener is something that a lot of people who are interested in botany as well as foliage upkeep pursue. It may seem like something that doesn't make sense to many people; however it is quite a rewarding career for those who choose to train in it. So how do you actually become a gardener and what is involved in it? Do you have to go to gardening school or do you need an apprenticeship? All these questions may be flying through your head, so we have taken the liberty to outline how it all works. It may seem a bit daunting at first; however we promise that it's actually quite simple when you become used to it (just like anything else!)

1) You don't have to be specifically qualified in gardening because mainly unless you are working for a gardening company, you will be self-employed and finding clients by yourself. However, to make your work stand out from the rest, it is wise to achieve at least one qualification from a horticultural society to help you have that confidence to provide the best services.

2) You most definitely need to be physically fit to become one. It is amazing how many people would consider a career in gardening and shy away from labour intensive work. Think of any time that a client can call you to do their work, which can be in summer, spring and all the other seasons. It may be really hot when you need to mow the lawn as well as trim the hedges, so think about this carefully before you proceed.

3) Ensure that before you decide to provide gardening services, you are properly insured. You can be mowing a lawn or something else, and by accident a stone hits the conservatory door and the customer presents you with a bill that is impossible to decompensate. What is best is that when you are insured, you don't have to worry as your insurance company will deal with all that for you. Insurance gives you peace of mind as well as confidence that you will carry out your gardening for your clients safely.

4) Think of what type of clients you would like to service. Are they commercial, which means the jobs will be bigger and paid well, however more labour intensive? Are they residential, which means the jobs are smaller and more manageable – however for less money? It's important to know what type of services you want to offer, especially express ones if someone is getting married or your guests are having a barbecue off the cuff. Knowing your target market is crucial in preparation to become a gardener.

5) Ensure to plan ahead. You will be offering specific gardening services during certain times of the year according to the seasons, so it is imperative to know when and what is happening. Planting and fence painting are usually kept for spring and leaf clearances and pruning – for the autumn. As you go along in your work, you will find yourself become more proficient in what you're doing.

When you look towards becoming a gardener, it is easier to first shadow in a gardening company to see if it would suit you. Take an apprenticeship and see how you feel. If you are happy and you wish to proceed, you can ask someone to teach you or you can follow these tips broadly and navigate your way through the rest of it as you continue!

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